lundi 23 août 2010

C4RD :London's museum space for drawing

Nick and Phill Goss

Drawing: imagination on line

Drawing as an approach is regaining the importance it once had as a way of thinking or acting that is fundamental to the human experience. It is being considered less as a particular use of materials or sub-activity of a particular discipline, and more as an approach discrete in itself.

C4RD’s purpose is to make space for drawing - to maintain the visibility of a characteristically humanist approach that is drawing - in the encouragement and refinement of understanding of drawing the arts and society at large can benefit. C4RD seeks to facilitate access and dialogue for current drawing practice independent of structural forces in commercial and institutional settings. Drawing defined as the exercise of the imagination on line reinforces drawing’s capacity as a performed analogy (mentally/manually) of the continuum that is human consciousness; two marks, as in mathematics, necessarily make a line.

Centre for Recent Drawing is London’s museum space for drawing. Since 2004 C4RD has provided a public exhibition space and exhibition series that is independent and non-commercial. C4RD is in the unique position of being able to provide a whole building dedicated to drawing - showing continuous exhibitions of a broad variety of drawing practice - and also be able to house residencies specifically for those for whom drawing is a core part of their practice. This is in addition to the C4RD web presence, the C4RD Community registry, publications (D4RD and Z4RD) and Online Residencies.

C4RD welcomes all those with a particular interest in drawing as a core experience from within and outside the arts. It seeks a balanced programme to present a broad variety of expansive possibilities in drawing. More information on our programmes is available on this website. C4RD is staffed and funded by the generosity of individuals and private and corporate donors, and is a UK Registered Charity and member of the Museums Association.

Andrew Hewish


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