mardi 11 mai 2010

FUKT : magazine for contemporary drawing

What is FUKT?

FUKT is a magazine for contemporary drawing.

How long has FUKT been around?
Established in Trondheim 1999 and based in Berlin since 2001 .

By whom?
Nina Hemmingsson and Björn Hegardt are the founders.
Since 2004 is Björn Hegardt the sole editor of FUKT.

How often is FUKT published?
Usually annually

Can I subscribe to FUKT?

Where can I buy FUKT?
Check under
Contact to find out stores selling FUKT, or take contact with the distributor if you have a bookshop! The two latest issues you can also find by searching Amazon for example.
Usually I take oders directly also, but from May - August 2009 I am travelling and can just occasionally send mags. You can always ask! e-mail:

I do great drawings. Can I contribute to FUKT?
Just send an e-mail to with a link to a website or some samples of work (jpges, not too big). Even if I don't answer right away, I do check what you sent!

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