dimanche 17 octobre 2010

Eraserhead in Fruehsorge Galerie,Berlin

Jonathan Callan - Jürgen von Dückerhoff - Alex Hamilton - Bertram Hasenauer Christian Holstad - Hansjörg Schneider - Mark Sheinkman - John Sparagana

Inspiried by the exhibition If you melted, I would melt myself in to you at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art in London.

Erasing – wiping out – eliminating...

These are the techniques and terms that the artists presented in the exhibition Eraserhead are dealing with. Melting as a concept is here brought to the next level: to the point of the dissolution of the material. Through this process something new emerges. At the same time, nothing can be erased completely: The remains of the original objects are still present in the newly formed shapes: the traces left behind are still visible. The artists erase and transform the visuel information, and in doing so, they have to include the eliminated part in the concept of their new draft. Whatever emerges is thereby responding to the erased parts. In 1953, when Robert Rauschenberg was still at the beginning of his carrier, he asked Willem de Kooning if he would give one of his drawings to him, so he could erase it. In erasing art, Rauschenberg created his own art that gained its significance through the previous creation. An act of patricide and birth.

Erasing, sanding and eliminating are procedures that employ the materiality of the medium. New motifs emerge from the existing objects and at the same time the characteristics of the medium paper are being made visible: its vulnerability, its fragility, its evanescence.

Duration of the show: 10.09 – 23.10. 2010

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